A record of all noteworthy projects over time



A quick idea for a 'game' where architecture would be revealed to the player as they attempt to navigate through the world. Even if the geometry was not present, collisions would still be in effect forming an invisible maze, only visible when the section is cut. The use of panning transparent texture patterns as alpha channels and other parameters such as UV coordinates, time and speed applied over the mesh creates the type of section cut the player experiences. There might be some unexpected level design that comes from these factors, but only time will tell.


The reason for why the player exists in this world and what they are supposed to achieve is yet to be determined.


One of the most exciting and rewarding projects to date was to reconstruct from archived architectural documents Kelso High School which was burnt down years ago. Working with 3DWALKABOUT and commissioned by some of the old students was to make a film showing what it used to be. It's great to have ones work create emotions and memories for the students who were there at the time. 


Enjoy the film below.



An epic house on a lake with a very unique interior design all make within the Unreal Engine. See the full film on YouTube here.



Recent works in UE4 producing 3D models and film for proposed biking pump and skills tracks. Click on the thumbnails below to watch the film. Below shows some of the mesh components.

Biking Skills Track 3D - No.1.JPG
Biking Skills Track 3D - No.2.JPG
Biking Skills Track 3D - No.3.JPG
skills-wire-model (1).JPG
skills-wire-model (2).JPG


Recent virtual tour positions for an apartment in Kuala Lumpur in collaboration with 3DCAPSLOCK.

360 rendered virtual tour interior (1).j
360 rendered virtual tour interior (2).j


Working along side Morten from Trueview we've created a virtual 360 gallery for Iona Presentation College showcasing all the students from each year's artwork. A great way for anyone to experience art online within a space that doesn't exist.

iona 360 tour.JPG

Click the year group buttons on the image above to explore the virtual tours


Explore Aquatopia, a new wave pool proposal in New South Wales, Australia. If you have VR head set hardware you may download some example imagery from the image link below [Google Drive]. These are 360 stereoscopic renders at 20,000 x 5,000 px and create an accurate depth to your VR experience.



Examples of the 'Configurator' in action, opening up many possibilities in new industries. SPACESCAN is now the official distributor of this product via Interiors3D. Courtesy of Shin Software.

Maraboo Island Development, Port Coogee WA

This stunning development proposal has big potential to create a home where your backyard seamlessly joins to the ocean. This film was made for building developers Megara with architectural designs by Kris Mainestone of Maine Architecture. Below shows the premium imagery that was created for the project using the Octane Render system.




Selected film and imagery made within the Unreal Engine from 2015. The film below was modeled up from standard architectural plans and populated with lighting, textures, materials, furniture, vegetation and cameras to achieve the final result. SPACESCAN has a solid knowledge of architecture (from working in the practice of drafting for 8+ years) to be able to effectivly build designs from plans to what you see below. Please click here to download some high resolution still imagery which can also be provided as an add on when creating film for your project.


Using Unreal Engine's insane editor, Blender & SketchUp in sync to show the effects on one of Italy's famous museums, Gypsotheca e Museo Antonio Canova as it appeared just after being hit with a World War I bomb. I was honored to have the opportunity to work with Interiors3D and the museum to recreate the destructive effects of a bomb on this beautiful piece of architecture. All the statues were scanned meticulously by Interiors3D, while I destroyed. All placed accurately according to the few slices of photographic evidence recorded at the time. Some projects are just awesome.

Gypsotheca e Museo Antonio Canova

The Equatorial Plaza, Kuala Lumpur



A The revitalisation of a streetscape in Syracuse, New Your State where new business move into a neighbourhood bringing it back to life. The background was made from Google Earth data and the relevant buildings made from photographs ('eyeballing' it). The Unreal Engine makes this all possible, with a potential for an exported walk-through game. The new bar design was a by projectBLAK (Australian Design company) for a currently-in-construction job in Perth, Western Australia - their design was kindly lent as it perfectly fit into the space that was to be re-vamped.

Houses A, B, C, & D: Høvikveien 56, 1356 Bekkestua, Noorwegen [Norway]

Commercial Office Fitout / Interactive 360º UE4 shown below in next section

SPACSCAN Showreel - various works

House in Buslima, Queensland Australia




Once the space is built within 3D it is also possible to create interactive 360º panoramic walk-throughs - your viewers may now choose where they want to go within your environment. See the 360º section for more detail.

360 Stereoscopic 3D render



The images below are early days but still worthy of showing, created in the Unreal Engine.

spacescan space scan perth 3d film unreal design bedroom architecture miles davis buddy rich