Since starting up in mid-2014, SPACESCAN has been very busy producing scans for a variety of places such as high-end residential properties, churches, abandoned heritage warehouses, mechanical plant rooms, art installations and bars. See below the films that were produced from the captured CAD data. We can bring the place to life by inputting your design ideas whether they are architectural fit-outs, modifications to the existing built form, lighting, or even hanging virtual art work or installations - or we can simply fly through the space showing off it's own beauty. When the space is captured, anything is possible.


SPACESCAN can make these types of films for you where ever you are located on our huge yet tiny planet of ours. All you need is a Matterport Camera - www.matterport.com



From the process of creating the 3D film we can generate easily and quickly a plan view in 3D as shown below. This is yet again another way to visulise one's space and add to your marketing content.



Jules Sher's Australian abstract landscape painting has been morphed into a 3D exploration in this experiment to see the potential for taking one into the painting. The 2D image was taken into Blender to form a depth map and then placed into a space of it's own. This film was projected on to Western Australia's Wave Rock, the massive natural monolith 600km east of Perth near a small town called Hyden at the Wave Rock Festival in 2016.



One of the hand made models made by Greg Molloy photoscanned/photogrammed into 3D shows some great possibilities for capturing real life, highly detailed objects using Agisoft Photoscan.



Below, many films over the few years of SPACESCAN works ranging from Matterport, Unreal and other film experiments & various projects.

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