Please visit SPACESCAN'S Turbosquid or SnapTank online store for models by clicking the icon below. Both places have different models in each. Our aim is to provide real life scanned spaces to a variety of 3D artists for use in game development, game level design and inspiration, assets and testing. Real life scans when implemented within gaming and architectural visualisations is becoming much more important as it gives a certain realness to the end user experience. If you are a developer and would like to discuss how these models may be used or if you have any requests for spaces, places and objects that you need don't hesitate to contact us.

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spacescan turbosquid artist profile
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spacescan 3dwarehouse artist profile

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Scans made of real places with photo mapped textures on all polygons provide easy to use models in a variety of applications. Some models aren't perfect because the scanner cannot be placed in every location but all models are to scale in the real world. The possibilities are endless when lighting, game characters, and other assets of yours are placed within, and great for Unity & Unreal Engine 4.

Textures have all lighting baked into itself, simply because of the way scanning real spaces works however when used well they can really create something unique and different for you. All imagery shown is lit 'flat', no shaders or lights have been added so it is only the photomaps on the geometry you can see (with polygon mesh shown too). The mesh is editable and comes all in one group. The textures are contained within the model and the root folder (named accordingly to the model processing).



We have recently photoscanned gnarly large trees and rocks from the local West Australian region and packaged them into the Unreal Engine's game editor. Pending marketplace approval, we hope to give you some unique and hard-to-recreate-in-the-box mesh assets for your game development. Some technical details below if you are interested, with a link to the marketplace shortly.


A collection of realistic photoscanned big old gnarly trees and rocks that brings the real world into your game design. 11 highly textured trees with twisting root growth and 5 granite rock meshes in a desert wasteland. All static meshes include 8K, 4K & 2K color, normal, AO, displacement & specular maps with unique ambient audio tracks, fly swarm particles, and desert landscape materials with 5 texture painting options. Some mesh materials are setup so one can paint textures onto the vertices for blending into the environment.   

Technical Details
Static Meshes: 16 [11 Trees, 5 Rocks, 1 Landscape]
Texture Size: 2048x2048, 4096x4096, 8192x8192
Texture Types: Color, Normal, AO, Displacement & Specular for each mesh
Number of Materials: 23
Number of Textures: 264
Collision: Yes, automatically generated
Intended Platform: PC
Documentation Included: No

Audio Credits
Demo Level Music - French Rockets 'Pareidolia' from the album 'Arc'
Sand SFX - Created by 'Klankbeeld' []


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