Click on the imagery below to take a immersive walk through these scanned spaces. Now you can experience space like never before, using your mouse and keyboard to navigate around a space in 360° panoramic views. Simply put, this is the next level in online viewing and SPACESCAN wants to make this the absolute norm.

Commercial Office Virtual Tour

Art Exhibition Spaces - Holmes à Court Gallery @ no.10

The bottom left of the portal above has 3 viewing options, one for the interior walk, dollhouse view and plan view whilst on the bottom right you can select which floor to inspect. Please note that if you cannot view the inspection you must have the latest Safari, Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer. Explore some interesting spaces below, a discontinued bar, a grade church and a James Bond-esque mechanical plant.



SPACESCAN has been into many interesting spaces over the few years, see some below - 'St. Joseph's Church', 'Rechabites Main Vaulted Hall', 'Mechanical Plant', and an old Australian heritage listed 'Boiler Shed' now converted into 'The Goods Shed'.

SPACESCAN 3D Film, Rendering, Virtual Tours

Perth, Western Australia

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